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50 weeks, 50 things. 8/50


I got a little bit carried away competing in the Nerdjackers MAME Game Monday this week, playing Bubble Bobble over and over until I got a score that destroyed the rest of the forum posters. I felt so proud I even uploaded my winning game to YouTube – Aside from returning to the games of my youth, I’ve been organising my collection of games in preparation for the next generation. Roughly 1/3rd of the games I own will be staying with me, the rest will be getting traded in over the next 9 months, once I’ve played them.

After last weeks disappointing no-show on the scales (which I’d blamed on a bad weekend of booze, but really it was just old behaviours reoccurring) I’m back and ready to crack on with my 50 week, 50 lb plan. This week I came in at bang on 16 stone, which is 3 lb less than my target for the week. I’m still motivated to continue – dropping a jeans size was a big ego boost and I look forward to doing so again in a couple of months!

That’s about it from me so I’ll leave you in the capable hands of some cool shit off the internet…

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Earworm of the week

50 weeks, 50 things. 7/50


In the week where everyone is playing as Raiden for a second time, I’m only just experiencing his adventures in the Metal Gear universe for the first time. Though slowly making headway with my new year resolution to play this series through (you can blame Amalur for that, it’s frickin huge), I haven’t spent as much time with it as I’d like, but each minute in that world of espionage and intrigue is just mesmerising.

Playing as Raiden felt a little weak at first – being spoon-fed basic info from The Colonel every 5 minutes was tedious – but now I’m right into the thick of the action, having taken down one member of Dead Cell and faced off against the third Snake brother, Solidus. I’ll be playing this a while longer, but it’s a standout highlight for my week.

No weight update this week, as I forgot to check this morning (and I’m feeling guilty after a weekend beer session) so you’ll just have to watch this space. I did buy some new running trainers, although initially just to add some comfort to my 4 mile walkings, but you never know, if I have a mad moment I might see if I can run in them.

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Earworm of the week

50 weeks, 50 things. 6/50


I play a lot of games, and every now and again one of them just grabs me by the ballsack and says “play me ya big bastard” and despite all protestation, I relent. This week that game, it seems, is Kingdoms of Amalur. This weekend alone I played almost 20 hours of it and don’t feel in the slightest bit guilty. Although I should, it’s by no means a perfect game (the plot is extremely generic and lacking in inspiration) but for some reason I’ve taken a shine to the Fable-meets-Warcraft combat and levelling up mechanic. It’s long, but any game that lets you respec your character at any point for a nominal fee gets two thumbs up from me – there’s just not enough time to play these epic RPG’s multiple times to experience every single combat class.

As well as levelling up my toon (whom I dubbed “Derek”, a fine name for a heroic adventurer thank you very much) I’ve been working on levelling up myself! Last week I mentioned the exercise gear that was going to be put to use, and I am happy to say that it’s proving quite fun so far. Three days a week I’m doing sit ups (following the 0 to 200 sit-ups app, but doubling each day’s output instead), lifting weights (10 lb dumbbells and 50 lb barbell) and riding on the bike for about 25 minutes. I haven’t lost any weight this week (still 16 stone 2 lb) but I don’t feel so bad about that as I think I’m gaining muscle mass and toning up slightly. Perseverance will be key here.

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Earworm of the week

50 weeks, 50 things. 5/50


Good news everyone! After my uncomfortable week of hangovers and takeaway food I’ve been a little stricter with myself and am losing weight again (down to 16 stone 2 lb, target this week was 16 stone 6 lb). I set myself a goal last week of clearing out the spare room so that I can exercise (and failed) so this week I resolved to correct that oversight and hey presto, exercise room is ready! Free weights and a bike all at my disposal whenever I want them, as well as room to do sit-ups, and I don’t have to pay owt or have anyone look at my flabby arse while I lift. Well, except Laura, but she’s married to this flabby arse so tough luck for her!

My one piece of pleasure has surprisingly been Call of Duty Black Ops 2. I say surprisingly because I’ve only ever really enjoyed the single-player side of these games, but for some reason I am hooked on the multiplayer in Blops 2. Like completely and utterly addicted, to the point where I’m making custom classes for my character on the Elite iPhone app and getting up early on the weekend for extra shooting time! Once I prestige (which is only a couple of levels away now), I’m not sure how I’ll feel about starting all over again though, so maybe I’ll give it up. Or maybe the allure of a gold-plated LSAT will overcome my distracted nature.

I love gold!

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Earworm of the week